hi there! to be honest, im quite blurr with how or what im going to write. u can see that im really new to this such stuff. (awkward silence) ……….

i probably will not write about particular things or articles… might write random stuff.  To be frank, i decided to made this blog just to share about everything i know such :- food, places, books, or even write about recent issues. 

about food… i probably will post about popular food in Malaysia ( yesss im malaysian, sarawakian to be precise) mainly in Kuching. Might as well with places, i’ll just write about places i’ve went or recommend popular spot.

ok! i would say this is enough for today. Again, im still new to this so please bare with my IMPERFECTIONS.

Oh!! before i end this.. i also might write in malay or rojak for certain post.

IMPORTANT REMINDER!! english is not my first language or bahasa lidah mak kamek ( not my mother’s tongue) so i guarantee there will be so many grammar or spelling errors.